OCT 1-14, 2019 
We surveyed thousands of quilters and the number one struggle they had was choosing fabrics for a quilt. This challenge will have you confidently choosing fabrics and maybe even enjoying the process a little! All the while creating a stunning original quilt designed by Bradie Sparrow.

Your purchase includes:
  • Block Pattern Downloads
  • Daily Video Tutorials
  • ​Live Q&A sessions to answer all your questions
  • ​One-On-One Coaching
  • Membership to a private group of new quilting friends on the exact same journey being gently guided in a condensed time frame with Daily Motivation and Guidance from your new quilting coach and chief motivator Bradie Sparrow
  • ​Fun, Prizes & So Much More...
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What People Are Saying 
About My First Challenges... 
I love all the tips and tricks that we are learning! they are super helpful. I also love the positive vibes in the group! The world needs more quilting challenges!!!

Kelly Hillier
I appreciate concise instructions. What has surprised me is how relaxed I am, probably because I feel like I know what I am doing!
Brenda Anello
This is the first time for me. I have learned so much. Bradie show us the way to do things with options. Answers all questions. She is great.
Susan Ratray
My first online challenge and mystery quilt. I like Bradies demonstrations. Her sewing methods are slow and deliberate. I like seeing the care she takes with every step; showing us this is not a race, but a process to be enjoyed.
Joyce Breyer
 14 Day Kick-Ass 
Two Colour 
Quilt Challenge
Join Bradie Sparrow for this exclusive 14 day challenge where you will complete an incredible two-colour quilt while learning tips and tricks that are so simple you’ll wonder why you didn't think of them first.

  •  Oct 1 - Introduction and Welcome! 
  •  Oct 2 - Block One Video Instruction
  •  Oct 3 - Block One Bonus Tips
  •  Oct 4 - Block Two Video Instruction
  •  Oct 5 - Block Two Bonus Tip
  •  Oct 6 - Why Precision Matters
  •  Oct 7 - Ask me Anything!
  •  Oct 8 - Block Three Video Instruction
  •  Oct 9 - Block Three Bonus Tips
  •  Oct 10 - Block Four Video Instruction
  •  Oct 11 - Block Four Bonus Tips
  •  Oct 12 - Quilt Reveal and Assembly
  •  Oct 13 - Ask me Anything!
  •  Oct 14 - Wrap up - Awards & Prizes!
Do you feel like your quilting is destined for something more but you’re not quite sure what more looks like?
Do you understand all of the basic techniques involved in quilting but want to push your skills to the next level?
Have you ever wished you had a personal quilting coach right there beside you every step of the way?
Does This Sound Like You?
This is why I created A 14 Day Kick-Ass Two Colour Quilt Challenge

… Which reveals with step-by-step videos, PDFs and live instructions showing you exactly how I:

- avoid seams that don’t match up with my simple accurate cutting method
- eliminate points that get cut off with my precision pinning secrets
- prevent quilt blocks that don’t fit together with my simply perfect piecing
- and how my simple measuring and enhanced pressing tips will have all your borders flat

… All while creating an amazing two colour mystery quilt you are going to love. I guarantee it!

… So you don’t have to constantly waste your time fixing mistakes to salvage every bit of that expensive fabric
This Challenge Includes
Your membership to a private group of new quilting friends on the exact same journey being gently guided in a condensed time frame with Daily Motivation and Guidance from your new quilting coach and chief motivator Bradie Sparrow!
Join my 14 Day Kick-Ass Two Colour Mystery Quilt Challenge today and you will be done 

- losing sleep over seams that don’t match up
- pulling your hair when points get cut off
- shaking your head when quilt blocks don’t fit together

cursing like a pirate at those wavy borders

So if you want to Pump out high-quality quilts that leave everyone in awe of your mad skills then join my challenge now

What People Are Saying
About My First Challenge... 
I was hesitant to take an online challenge, but am glad I did. I’ve learned, thru Bradies patience and precise explanation how to slow down to do things right. Thank you so much for your knowledge and smiles.
Gladys Lee
I love that Bradie shows us her preferred/tried and true method, and also shows alternatives. Like she says, there are several ways to do things, we have to pick which one suits us the best. I have picked up on a couple tricks that already makes my blocks 'square' and MUCH less frustration. This is my first online challenge and I did not expect to see so many fellow quilters sharing their tips, muchly appreciated
Cheryl Meranger
I had no idea she would be so personable and warm. When she calls us Quilty Darlings, she means it. She is so encouraging and attentive to our questions and even names. No matter the challenge, she'll find the way to get us through!
Kathy Hill
 I appreciate that Bradie is very kind while teaching. She doesn't assume anyone level of expertise and is very thorough in her explanations. She casually throws out little tips that are extremely helpful. I love that she offers difference ways to do the blocks and always says do what works best for you.
I've learned that colors that I don't particularly care for can be really beautiful. (That was very unexpected.)
Kar Sheppard
Some of the fun we had 
in the first Challenge!
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